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Nador Metropolitan Structure
  Nador Morocco Urban Metropolitan Strategic growth structure
  Nador, 10 kilometers away from the European Union border of Melilla, has the potential to open up the European market to its productive economy with the benefits of a strong demand and purchase capacity. This will transform the Nador economy into a thriving production center apart form other types of marginal trade.
To achieve this, Nador needs to have an urban and metropolitan structure capable of housing the necessary transformation and providing well-serviced land on good accessibility grounds for both industrial and services production as well as to house the labor force population. These objectives have to be reached with an adequate social facilities provision and environmental protection enforcement.
The potential of the commuter train as well as the expansion mechanisms for the city into a sustainable development are addressed by this INTA Panel, with the specific contribution of a Spatial Vision of an equilibrated Nador Metropolitan Area.
Nador INTA report
  Nador Morocco Urban Metropolitan Strategic growth structure transport environment integration
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