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Can we trust Plato?
  Pedro B. Ortiz Atlantis Metropolitan Metro Matrix Plato Hippodamus
The first Metro-Matrix metropolis 25 centuries ago.

We must congratulate the ocean-floor scanning boats to follow a precise Hippodamus of Miletus pattern of scanning tracks. They are able to reproduce a perfect Hippodamus urban pattern layout as we can see.
The problem for the conspiracy theorists, happy to have found Atlantis, is that the layout is 100 km wide, the size of an actual megapolis like Tokyo.

Their argument could be, however, that if Angkor Wat is 50 km wide, as research has found so far, and had 750.000 inhabitants, we would be dealing with a Greek Megapolis of 3 million inhabitants (The whole Roman Empire, at its height, had 40 million, and Rome just 1 million).

I would nevertheless agree with them in the fact that Plato was wrong (he thought Atlantis was circular and not reticular) and ignorant (Hippodamus was 50 years older than Plato). Atlantis would have been the first Metro-Matrix Metropolis in the world, in advance 25 centuries to our actual rediscovery on how to build up efficient metropolises.