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Metropolitan Discipline INAUGURAL book
  Pedro B. Ortiz Antonella Contin Metropolitan Discipline Metro-Matrix Inaugural Book
  Milano Politecnico research department on Metropolitan Architecture, in collaboration with the European Union Tell-Me project 2017-2021, has published a Metropolitan Discipline INAUGURAL Book.

It is the inaugural book of the Metropolitan Discipline in a formal EU book for the European Universities Departments on Urban Planning and Management. Needless to say that it can be used by professionals and institutions managing metropolises elsewhere around the world. Chapters and authors have to be referenced.
Metropolitan Planning Strategic versus Structural (in Spanish)
  Pedro B. Ortiz Metropolitan Strategic Structural Planning
  Two different types of Metropolitan Planning: Strategic and Structural. Planners often mix both.
- Strategic Planning integrates policies on Economic, Social and Physical aspects, under the umbrella of Governance. it relates to the Genoma as a whole.
- Structural Planning integrates Physical policies referring to Environment, Transport, Housing, Productive Activities, and Social facilities. it focuses on the physical Environment Component of the Genoma.

Each has its own objectives, techniques and outcomes. When the roadmap is not clear deficiencies and chaos might result. That is: Anti-planning