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D4D Lao Cai Propositive Analysis
  Lao Cai (Vietnam) Metropolitan - Urban Strategy Development Plan
  Lao Cai is a city in the border with China. This provides enormous potential as a trading post and international turning point for labor and production.
The border role has not been fostered enough in the urban structure. An International Business Center, a highway bypass to the existing linear growth structure and the potential activities along this international bypass are all elements for development to plan for the future.
D4D Phu Ly Propositive Analysis
  Phu Ly (Vietnam) Metropolitan - Urban Strategy Development Plan
  Phu Ly is a city found within the metropolitan influence of Hanoi. In order to be successful it has to fully play its metropolitan role. A commuter train link to the central city, secondary centrality role around the station, subsidiary productive activities, more in the secondary sector than the tertiary one, and harboring a residential area for the labor force can produce a sound economic base for Phu Ly upon which to build up a social provisions equity objective. The water bound urban accessibility structure has to be modernized and definitively linked to a modern public transport system.
D4D Vinh Propositive Analysis
  Vinh (Vietnam) Metropolitan - Urban Strategy Development Plan
  Vinh has a strategic position at the top of the Vietnam bottleneck between the south and north of the country. It is on the road between the two main productive centers of Ho Chi Min City (south) and Hanoi (north). This middle-of-the-road position allows for both important logistical functions as well as added value activities for the products that take that road or train. The expansion of activities around the rail station and the bypass can offer a substantive economic base for development. The incorporation of the historical center through upgrading infrastructure, facilities and environmental values must be the outcome of this development policy.