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Metro-Matrix Dhaka-Mesh
  Pedro B. Ortiz Metro-Matrix Dhaka Strategic Structural metropolitan urban plan
  Dhaka has a natural reticular structure well understood by the Rail civil engineers. A reticular structure misinterpreted now by the Road civil engineers which trying to impose a ‘contra-natura’ orbital one.

The mistake probably comes from the fact that the latest have not been able to see Dhaka in its metropolitan context. Dhaka has to be looked at in that larger context, not just in the frame of the urban one. Urban problems caused by expansive conurbation, congestion, pollution and overcrowding are caused by a lack of metropolitan vision and the consequent necessary policies.

The hydrology of Dhaka, in he vertex of the two main rivers confluence, and served by numerous water streams from north Himalayas to south Bengal Bay, strongly defines the metropolitan structure and the road network limitations.

Let’s surface the real DNA of Dhaka, and work within its intelligence. Let's be intelligent, rather than smart.