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Metropolitan Metro-Matrix Mental Maps
  pedro b. ortiz metropolitan urban metro-matrix structural strategic mental map plan
  If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. (Albert Einstein)
He could have said that if you are not able to synthesize the structure of a metropolis in a simple diagram, a mental map, it means that you do not understand your Metropolis... You might not have had yet the adequate tools to do so.

This is what the Metro-Matrix mental maps do. Understanding the topography and geography, the layers of history and culture, the environmental substrata, the directionalities of the metropolis, primary and secondary, understanding the sequence and periodicity of recurrent force lines, the location of the urban and metropolitan centralities, productive strategic locations, etc... all into a diagram, a scheme, or a map of the reticular structure.

All that complexity synthesized into a simple Metro-Matrix mental map. The stepping stone to understand what is missing in a metropolis to achieve a resilient structure and thus to pinpoint the strategic projects necessary to be addressed.