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Cuenca (Ecuador) Dancing with Giants
  Cuenca Ecuador Metropolitan Urban structure plan mental maps metromatrix
  Cuenca in Ecuador is in the Corridor of Giants, as Alexander Von Humboldt defined it on the 19 C. Cuenca is growing and has saturated its local valley. It has to look at a larger metropolitan framework. This framework will overcome the small Rio Cuenca Valley crossing the Hills of Chilcapamba.

This new metropolitan framework needs to be structured: The new Airport will be an essential feature for the internationalization of Cuenca production and incorporating its economy to the globalization processes. The highway along the valley and the crossing interconnections to the actual urban development will ensure the stability and consistency of the development.

But most important of all, the mass public transport on rails cannot be limited to the tramway project now discussed. It has to be complemented by a metropolitan vision that will link the nodal points by commuter passenger rail.