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Addis Ababa Quo Vadis (work in progress)
  Addis Ababa Metro Matrix
  Addis Ababa is promoting its master Plan to be finalized in December 2013. The strong investments in Public Transport Infrastructure (LRT and BRT) need to be complemented in the long term with a truly 'Metropolitan' Mass Transit mode like the Commuter Train or Metro. A World Class Metropolis as Addis Ababa can not only rely on urban modes as the BRT and LRT. It needs a Metro, and the tracks of that Metro are there.

Addis has to understand it's structure. The star shape proposal of the 2001 Plan is today obsolete. The North Mountains to be protected provide Addis with a ‘T’ structure instead of a ‘Star’ shape. This feature has a secondary important effect. It takes Addis away from a radial-orbital to a linear-reticular one. Transport planners have understood that. Physical Planners have to become aware of it and plan Addis accordingly.

This Diagram of Addis, Metropolitan 'smilies' approach presented in this heading, provides the clues to understand the ‘meta’ structure of Addis and thus the simple growth decisions that derive from it. That is the essence of the Coup d'Oeil (Clausewitz) in Metropolitan Planning.

We have attached a file to this entry of just images. No words. Food for thought. For those who know Addis and understand planning could be enough to spring a discussion: Structuring axis? New Centralities? Growth areas? Integrated transport systems? Housing developments? Productive-activities strategy? All hints within the slides.