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D4D Tunis Propositive Analysis
  Tunis (Tunisia) Metropolitan Strategy Development Plan
  Tunis is one of the most efficient and livable cities of North Africa.

Nevertheless is confronted to a serious growth phenomenon that it has to address. Population growth figures on the range of 2.8% annually, but with a vehicle increase of 7.4% and a housing development of an annual 4%. This means that Tunis is going to have 2 million dwellings in 2040. That is 2.5 times what it actually is.

The administration must look ahead and provide for the mechanisms for this growth to take place without the disjointed process that will bring economic inefficiency, social inequity and environmental unsustainability. The administration is accountable for a long term vision that will provide the right location for the urban elements even if the infrastructures will have to encompass to the budgetary capacities of the future.