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How to Control Urban Sprawl in Latina America
  CEPAL UNCRD Metropolis Latino American Planning
  Latin-American cities are growing very fast.
They do have the legacy of the reticular urban grid that allows for an orderly sprawl. Nevertheless the new size of the urban system requires a set of metropolitan functions which are not contemplated in this homogeneous progressive metastatic sprawl.
The Latin-American city has to be structured. At an urban level (local facilities) and at a metropolitan level (regional infrastructures and policentralities)
Action is to be taken in three fronts: 1) The continuous undifferentiated urban fabric. 2) The ever advancing fringe of the urban sprawl. 3) The metropolitan urban units not yet engulfed into the advancing urban wave.
This presentation for civil servants of Colombia and Chile provides solutions for the 3 situations: Stop, control, direct, provide and define. The five actions are necessary. If any is missing the Latin-American metropolis will become more and more unsustainable jeopardizing the possibilities of the continent to join the globalization of development.