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Gdansk Rapport (Ortiz - Bach)
  Gdansk (Poland ) Metropolitan Urban Strategy Plan
  Gdansk confronts a very substantial crisis. Integrated for a very long time within the Soviet production system, it is currently in a very serious pattern of under using the obsolete heavy industrial and port facilities. An old Hanseatic League city with a very strong German origin, Gdansk was rebuilt up to the last brick after the massive WWII destruction, and inhabited by a Polish population. The glorious ideological days of Solidarnosc are as well over. Facing cultural, economic and social crises, Gdansk is a city in search of a new personality.
High-rise totems would provide it with the symbolic image needed, or does the personality have to be found deeper within its assets and potential peculiarities? Structuring the metropolitan area in a larger scale urban system with neighbor cities with the use of up rank international facilities like the airport is essential to build an efficient metropolis that will be able to compete in the international market as a subsidiary productive economy to the Warsaw and Frankfurt global metropolises.
Gdansk Infinity structure
  Gdansk (Poland ) Metropolitan Urban Centrality Strategic Plan
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