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Bari: La Escala Regionale per la Citá Intermedie
  Bari (Italy) Metropolitan Urban Plan Politechnic Milan Polimi Milano
  Bari has had three relevant moments in its urban evolution: The Carolinian Plan (from Carlos III, King of Spain in the XVIII Century), the Napoleonic Plan (from the French invasion in early XIX Century) and the current metropolitan vision provided by the work done by the Milano Polytechnic, Department of Urban Planning under the direction of Professor Antonella Contin.
The metropolitan proposal develops a view that integrates the urban, the metropolitan and the regional scales. It deepens in the chromosome DNA structure of the territory as it was understood and planned by the previous historic decisions that have both proved to be a success. The historic responsibility of the continuation and symbiosis of the proposal with its brilliant past is the best argument for the implementation of a proposal that has not fully been understood by the responsible authorities.
Estrategia Supra-Regional de Bari
  The city of Bari in Puglia, Adriatic coast of Italy, plays a role in the southern border of Europe to the Eastern Mediterranean as well as for Adriatic trade. It has to compete for that role with other Adriatic cities, the comparative advantage and the infrastructures required for that strategy are the input of this report to Bari's Metropolitan Strategy