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IMF Metropolitan Conceptual Papers
  4 Thesis for The Powering of Nature in our Metropolises
A. Contin, Milano Politecnico

The paper proposes balancing catastrophic change and tradition, creating room for human potential and action. Metropolitan Architecture projects focus on crafting liveable cities through redefined urban morphotypes within the green-grey infrastructure, aiming to define a project that bridges old and new places, networks, and landscapes by employing decipherable physical signs and constructing a mental image of the metropolitan region.
IMF Metropolitan Conceptual Papers
  Metropolitan Biomimicry
Ion Besteliu

The metropolis, at the beginning of the 20th century, is facing possibly the greatest change since the Industrial Revolution. A change towards integrating natural processes and ecosystems thinking in (i) the spatial planning of an ecological regional structure. (ii) as an ecologically friendly, bio-climatically inspired design thinking and (iii) in the nature-based knowledge which can be applied in industry and to the construction of the anthropic environment.

It is a transformation for which many of the ideas, tools, and even partial solutions exist. In planning, their implementation amounts, however, to some change in planning thought and the accompanying adaptation of metropolitan governance.