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Mega Kochi 2050
  Kochi Metropolitan Structural Strategic Plan Metro Matrix Pedro B. Ortiz
  Kochi is the main Kerala Metropolis. Located in the most important maritime trade route in the world is not taking advantage enough f the potential of this location. However, as goods become more sophisticated and added value prone, they tend to take the plane, not the boat. Kochi Airport with 9 million passengers is requiring a second runaway, and probably a second freight airport. The actual freight load of the airport is 72.000 tons and decreasing. It is extremely low for what it should be, in the range of 300.000 tons, and growing.

This economic potential should be coupled with the rapid population growth of Kochi Metropolis due to two phenomena: Interstate migration and rural to urban migration. Kochi Metropolis is now 3.2 million and is likely to be 6.4 at least, if not 7.7 million in 2050. The Kerala Govt. must provide a solid, sustainable, equitable, resilient and competitive framework for this growth. Mass public transport should be the backbone of the location of the 1.7 million needed new dwellings and for daily trips to the job centers.

Urban Centralities at the Commuter Train Intermodal stations of at least 14.000 dwellings must be created. These will be the priority location as well for the required Social Facilities metropolitan system, and for the main Tertiary Sector and Administrative destinations. The actual pattern of environmental invasion and destruction should be prevented by a continuous environmental protected system that will impede the mergence of the actual sprawling uncontrolled residential expansion.

Economy, Sociology, Environment, Transport and Housing will find in this comprehensive vision for 2050 ground for a solid Kochi and Kerala development, spearheading India to join the global developed countries.
Kochi Metropolis Environment: DR.SUNNY GEORGE
  Kochi Metropolitan Structural Strategic Plan Environment Sunny George
Kochi Metropolis Transport Dr. GP Hari
  Kochi Metropolitan Structural Strategic Plan Transport G.P Hari
Kochi Metropolis Housing Dr. Raji R.
  Kochi Metropolitan Structural Strategic Plan Housing Raji R.
Kochi Metropolis Productive Activities Dr. Rajesh Nair
  Kochi Metropolitan Structural Strategic Plan Productive Activities Rajesh Nair
Kochi Metropolis Social Facilities Dr. Nirmala Padmanabhan
  Kochi Metropolitan Structural Strategic Plan Social Facilities Nirmala Padmanabhan
Integrated Mega-Kochi 2050
  Kochi Metropolitan Structural Strategic Plan Metro Matrix Pedro B. Ortiz
  After an extenuating week of intensive work from the International Metropolitan Fellows, under the guidance of highly qualified Kochi professionals, an integrated vision has been produced for the Metropolitan dimension of Kochi in the long term, up to 2050.

The five structural sectors (Environment, Transport, Housing, Social Facilities, Productive Activities) have been internally integrated, cross integrated with the other sectors and scale integrated in a comprehensive dialogue from the 1/50.000 metropolitan scale to the 1/500 Urban Design one.

Another dimension is required, the Governance and the Financial one. However, as not the object of the Metropolitan Brainshop this time, it is pointed out in this final presentation to foster the WebLab following local discussion and spark the prospect of a necessary comprehensive Metropolitan Plan for Kochi of which, this workshop is only the inception appetizer.
Kochi Environment Integrated proposal
  Kochi Metropolitan Structural Strategic Plan Metro Matrix Pedro B. Ortiz
  Kochi Metropolitan Region (KMR) is wedged between the Indian Ocean and the Western Ghats in the State of Kerala.

KMR coastal line extends to 70 kms, KMR is divided into three topographically distinct regions: the eastern highlands, the central midlands and the western lowlands. Eastern KMR comprises of mountains and valleys of the Western Ghats’. Western coastal belt and midlands is relatively flat, with a network of canals, lakes, estuaries and rivers frequently affected by flooding.

Environmental degradation caused by rapid urbanization has lead to loss of biodiversity & farmlands causing soil erosion, salinity intrusion, decrease in forest cover, disappearance of inland waterbodies. Few projects have been proposed to reduce negative impact on the environment, making it sustainable and resilient.
Kochi Transport Integrated Proposal
  Kochi Metropolitan Structural Strategic Plan Metro Matrix Pedro B. Ortiz
  - The peculiar geographic location of Kochi has made the city a prominent port and a city of strategic importance since many centuries.
- The Metropolitan of Kochi, however, needs to be serviced by efficient transport interventions (both local and international) for it to remain functioning as a city of importance.
- The existing metropolitan transport systems (Passenger rail) need to be upgraded to rapid and efficient transport and to service greater area than what it does now.
- The economic centers as of now are concentrated in the region, thus causing chaos. The economic centers need to be more decentralized and its location be made more reachable and transit serviced.
- The current international trade facilities (port and airport) are in need of expansion taking into consideration the increased economic activity projected for the region.
Kochi Housing Integrated Proposal
  Kochi Metropolitan Structural Strategic Plan Metro Matrix Pedro B. Ortiz
  Kochi metropolis is going to grow by 2 million population in 30 years up to 6.4 million in 2050. The family size is going to be reduced as result of the urbanization social adaptation phenomena it will move from the original 2001 5.5 members per family, to the actual 4.5, twenty years later, to a 3.4 in 2051.

The 6.4 million population will require 2.1 million dwellings in 2050, against the actual 0.8 million stock. 1.3 million new dwellings.

The location of these dwellings should be prioritized around the Mass Public Transit System highest rank mode intermodal stations. Commuter Rail in the case of a Metropolis.
Kochi Productive Activities integrated proposal
  Kochi Metropolitan Structural Strategic Plan Metro Matrix Pedro B. Ortiz
  - The key to poverty reduction is accelerated economic growth
and employment generation.
- The economy of Kochi can be classified as a business
economy with emphasis on the service sector.
- Integrated Economic Hub is the combination of economic
activities, that include manufacturing, logistics, commercial.
- IEHs focuses on enabling cargo generation and are gateways to/from the hinterland.
- Areas with many geographic advantages and follows the
hierarchical development of allied economic developments.
- Projects submitted are in accordance with economic evolution of Kochi to be an international Services Hub.
- Aim of the these projects are to ensure that , Kochi with its IT
and allied sectors to follow a international Services strategy
Kochi Social Facilities integrated proposal
  Kochi Metropolitan Structural Strategic Plan Metro Matrix Pedro B. Ortiz
  Kochi Metropolitan Region is rich in social sector in terms of superior educational and medical facilities.

The aim of this project is to understand the significance of the region in social sector. Additionally by 2050 when the scale of urbanization and migration will be at it’s peak, it is important to understand how the present social facilities are serving the region.

A balanced distribution of these facilities is important for sustainable community development. Since, the region specializes in Ayurvedic specialized hospitals and educational institutes hence analysis of the same is required.