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Kinshasa – Brazzaville (Kinbrazsa): the transnational Metropolis
  Pedro B. Ortiz Kinshasa Brazzaville Congo Megapolis Metro Matrix Structural Strategic Planning
  - with the collaboration of Kalenga Danny Kalombo,
Metropolitan Discipline Award (MDA), International Metropolitan Fellow (IMF)

Kinshasa- Brazzaville suffers of a massive lack of city infrastructure. Colonial legacy has still effects in the actual era. The metropolis is growing in a disjointed moss-mesh aggregation. It has not reached a higher level of a biological structure of a plant or tree. The metropolitan inner structure is there, underlying. Waiting to be recognized and accordingly developed to its blossom. It needs to be understood. The supranational structure across the Congo river in the mirrored centrality of Brazzaville adds difficulty, but as well potential. Transnational administrative coordination needs to be addressed.

Congo river marks the main directionality. The capital urban centers on both sides of the river reinforce the symmetry of the axis. Reinforced as well by the infrastructures along the banks. The perpendicular line that connects both capitals generate the secondary directionality. A supranational world metropolis with 16 million inhabitants, by the end of the century among the world's largest.

Much to be done. Much effort to catch up. Kinbrazsa requires a development vision proposal. Essential to avoid miss investing in inefficient, or unnecessary, infrastructures. The future presents serious challenges for both national governments. They have to overcome the chaotic urban aggregation. That would prevent either country to reach development status.