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Megapolises Opera Magna
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  The management of the 45 Megapolises of the world to be by 2030 has to be addressed. They cannot just be described, as most papers on the subject do. Megapolises is a new scale we have to address. A new ‘power of ten’ scale. (1:500.000) A scale 10 times larger than the metropolitan one. A scale we have not yet addressed, nor comprehensively understood.

We present the list by continent, and the links to the reports (36 out of 45) that address the way their megapolitan policies could be analyzed, understood, approached and implemented. We hope these integrated visions of the Megapolitan dimension would help as policy guidance. We hope such an approach would help to avoid the worrying situation in which they are now. Consequently, we hope it would introduce improvements in the world by 2030.