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Wuhan National-Metropolitan integration (snapshot)
  Pedro B. Ortiz Wuhan China Metropolitan Metro Matrix Structural Strategic Planning
  Wuhan is part of the Middle Yangtze central megalopolis of China. Its role in national structuring cannot be denied nor avoided. It is the national responsibility of the local authorities. China is an NS and EW reticula. National authorities have well understood that and have established a pattern of infrastructure locations and investments in accordance with this correct understanding of the national integration.

The metropolis, however, is structured in an SW-NE diagonal axis imposed by the river and its sharp bend to the SE. The metropolis is not circular and pretending imposing such an orbital pattern will incur in multiple mistakes and responsibilities. It will not integrate with the national axes, it will not uncork the full development potential of the metropolis. This will have environmental and social implications that can limit, if not jeopardize in the long-term, the equilibrate evolution of the metropolis to position itself with a leading global role.

We present here just a snapshot. The full metropolitan analysis and subsequent prioritization of strategic projects have to be developed form this first analytical approach. We wish Wuhan capable authorities and planning staff members all the best in this pursuit of excellence.