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Saranac Lake Master Plan (1988)
  Saranac Lake Master Plan 1988
  (Under the direction of Roger Simmonds)
In 1987, Saranac Lake was already at a crossroads. From a brilliant past of the Olympic games to an uncertain future in search an economic base, Saranac Lake is a city in search of a future. The master plan was not about how to allocate growth, but rather the search for an economic base that would sustain a twilight future. The touristic appeal for a natural environment for a potential demand (22 million) of the Atlantic coast megalopolis had to be worked out through facilities and services to make it real. Economic development was the underlying important issue, with social equity and physical sustainability following behind. The local authority had consciously understood the challenge. The Master Plan was a piece of that puzzle.
30 years latter, the puzzle is unresolved.