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Metropolis Atlantico
  Pedro B. Ortiz Metropolis Atlantico Metro Matrix Plan Estructura Estrategico Metropolitanol
  Barranquilla is growing fast. 10% of Labour force Commuting takes place all over the whole Atlantico Departement. The Atlantico Departement has become the Metropolis.

Atlantico has 3 very distinctive areas beyond the actual conurbated urban metastasis: The Sea Coastal area, The River Coastal area, and the Agricultural center/south. The three parallel areas have t transversally connected. The 2 orbital roads have been the result of professional inexpertise in the decision makers. Hopefully, the mistakes can be amended. The metropolitan expansion area has to be served by a commuting rail, urban centralities (TOD) and a residential plus productive development according to growth expectations and requirements for the next 30 years.

This is the target of the Metropolitan Intelligence Workshop: The structural development, not strategic, of the immediately affected development area for the next 30 years. 400.000 dwellings and 250.000 industrial jobs must be compatible with the protection of the Green Infrastructure and the development of the Gray development and service provision.

Here is the integrated framework.