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Chennai's growth challenge
  Pedro B. Ortiz Chennai India Metropolitan Metro Matrix Structural Strategic Planning
  With a metropolitan population beyond 30 million inhabitants, Chennai city growth is relatively moderate. Land is already saturated and expensive. What is growing fast are the Towns and Villages Panchayats. Close to 5% annual on the 80’s it is now in the range of 3.60%. Other Indian metropolises are growing far beyond 5% annual. Pune’s figures are in the 10% range. One must realize that a 5% growth means duplicating (100%) the size of the city in 14 years. A 10% growth just in 7 years. These figures are the expression of the economic attractiveness of the city both for location of businesses as for the labor immigration in search of a job. But they are a real challenge for all the cities in India to allocate that growth and provide the necessary infrastructures to avoid leaving a heritage of slum-cities to future generations.

Chennai metropolis must be aware that such a moderate growth has a two-fold interpretation. It is good because it is easier to manage. It is bad because it might prove that Chennai is not doing economically as well as other Indian metropolises. Those in charge should question themselves on this issue. As an easier challenge to address one must know however that a 3.60 % growth still means a 50% urban expansion in 20 years. Chennai must accommodate for that. The large metropolitan vision is what the Metro-Matrix approach provides.
(Work in Progress) Chennai Thesis Polimi
  Ravali Sathiwada and Sravya Luthikurthi, two brilliant students from Milano Politecnico Architecture MSc. Lab. are studying the Chennai Metropolitan Expansion.
Here are her findings. Work is in progress. This is just a draft, but it is worth sharing to stimulate dialogue and discussion with the Chennai School of Architecture, both students and professors.
They are welcome to contact Ravali and Sravya, as well as their Professor Antonella Contin.