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Cebu Metro-Matrix Propositive Analysis
  Pedro B. Ortiz CEBU Philippines Metropolitan Discipline Metro Matrix Structural Strategic Planning
  You have two ways of measuring collective intelligence in a given metropolis:
1) How far away is the official proposed solution from the rightful planning solution.
2) If the solution is the right one, how long the administration (politicians and civil servants) take to implement it (Medellin 4 years, Bogota 20 years)

Cebu has an obvious metro-matrix structure:
- Coast linear main directionality
- Equipotential parallel gradient lines
- Transversal strenght (maximum slope) lines connection
- Periodicity

This basic reticular structure provides the basis for the Public Transport system:
- MRT/Commuter line, on the metropolitan backbone
- BRT on the ribs/thorax urban system

How far is the official proposal from that? How long will they take to implement the right solution?