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The Garden of the Gods (Central Mexico Metropolitan integration)
  Pedro B. Ortiz Mexico Moreila Leon Queretaro Metropolitan Metro Matrix Structural Strategic Planning
  The core of México is formed by several metropolises: León/Querétaro, Mega-México, Guadalajara and Morelia. They are discontinuous but form altogether 90% of the GDP of the country. They have to be integrated to benefit form a multiplier effect and take Mexico GDP from 8.000 USD per Capita to 40.000.
We have approached the integration of the two metropolises, Leon/Querétaro (5.5 m. inhabitants) and Morelia (2 m.).
Each has its own structure, but both structures follow geodesic lines. Between both a large area which is still undeveloped, and should be preserved due to its edafological, ecological and cultural values. The Valley between the Sierra Madre Central and Sierra madre del Sur is a valley filled of extinct Volcanos and a high phreatic level (napa) that produces numerous lagoons.
Seems anarchic to the layman. The Metropolitan planner job is to understand the underlying structure of the territory (geographic, geologic, topologic, etc) and make it flourish with projects that correspond and enhance its own DNA.
The result is two meandering lines of volcanos that can be linked by a trail for cultural and environmental enjoyment. Both join in Yuriria lagoon, with an historic and cultural substrata.
The giant volcanos, sitting ground for the Aztec Gods, in the green valley are just the features of the Garden of the Gods. Xiuhtecuhtli