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Steering the Metropolis The Book
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  Steering the Metropolis, a book produced out of the academics and professionals involved in MIT Metro-Lab that takes place every January and was initiated by Gabriel Lanfranchi and continued by David Gomez Alvarez. The book proposal was well received by UN-Habitat (Eduardo Lopez-Moreno) and the Inter-American Development Bank (Robin Rajack) that decided to publish it.

The book includes all the main actual thinkers on Metropolitan management and governance. Let me point to the following chapters.
- Metropolitan Governance. Mats Andersson
- Political Economy. Pedro B. Ortiz and Marco Kamiya
- The Rise of a New Discipline Gabriel Lanfranchi and Antonella Contin
- Governance for Land Use. Cynthia Goytia

- Steering Shared Prosperity. Eduardo López-Moreno and R. Orvañanos

- Metro Governance in B. Aires Francisca M. Rojas
- N.Y. Metropolitan Region. Thomas K. Wright. 

- Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Yan Tang, Dong Yang, Kai Chen and He Zhu
- The Mumbai Conundrum Abhay Pethe, Sahil Gandhi and V. Tandel
- The Negotiated City: London Greg Clark, Tim Moonen and J. Couturier 

- Paris: Governance by Design Nicholas Buchoud