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New settlement for Amman by Daniele Dalbosco e Clara Donati
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  Milano Politecnico Thesis

This proposal would solve the structural problems of Amman growth for many years. Amman is constantly under a refugee immigration process. For all its history it has been responding in a disjointed incrementalist way. The result is far from being satisfactory. The instability of the region and the stability of Amman will be a magnet for many years to come. Amman can turn that to a benefit if it is able to house and provide adequately for this labor force that can make of Amman the Capital of the region.

This Milano Politecnico Thesis by Daniele Dalbosco and Clara Donati, tutored by Professor Contin, address that and provide a framework other national and international institutions have not yet been able to perform.
D4D Amman Propositive Analysis
  Amman (Jordan) Metropolitan Strategy Development Plan
  Amman’s population is exploding. Amman had 2 million inhabitants in 2005, has 3 million in 2011 and is expected to rise to 6 million in 2025. In order to meet minimum quality standards, this requires 20 sq. km of new housing serviced land per year. That is a square of 4.5 km per side.
The location on Amman, on the border of two ecosystems (see Nairobi and Cairo), requires the protection of the more fragile one and the expansion and servicing of the less environmentally valuable area. The task is nevertheless enormous and a vision (and political management capacity) for the next 30 years required.
Amman’s potential and growth structure will allow it to successfully address this challenge following the urban DNA development of Amman.