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  Kampala Jinja (Uganda) Metropolitan - Urban Strategy Development Plan
  Uganda is an enclave in the center of Africa. The strong disequilibrium between the capital Kampala and the secondary cities must be addressed for the benefit of an efficient and equitable development. The issues to be addressed are diverse. From the provision of basic infrastructure to satisfy basic needs as is the case in Lira, Gulu or Mbarara, to the need to organize and structure the disjointed growth of Kampala, a common coordinated policy must be set in place. Cities Alliance is making a strong effort to contribute to this goal.
Kampala has a peculiar structure of circular hilltop urban units, organized along topography of linearity and the transversality effect of Lake Victoria shoreline and basin. The existing railroad track, which follows and adapts to this topography, can be the backbone of a metropolitan structure.
Kampala Acupuncture Chart for metropolitan decision-making
  Uganda Kampala Urban Metropolitan Master Plan Metro Matrix acupuncture
  Kampala needs to take quick decisions to address the urgent growth phenomenon. Delay in decision-making will be accountable for the 3 to 9-fold costs of future remedies.

Kampala needs a transport system that will allow for car restrictions, and keep nevertheless the metropolis economic activities efficient and competitive as well as social accessibility equitable. Alternatives have been discussed for decades. Lack of clear vision has resulted in lack of essential decisions. Metro Matrix analysis results in immediate evidence for priorities.

Metro-Matrix Mental Map works as an Acupuncture Chart that provides the road map to Kampala Metropolitan necessary evolution into a world-class metropolis.
Immediate priorities result in (a) the implementation of an efficient commuter train service, (b) two BRT lines that will complement it and the location of (c) urban and (d) New Towns developments to allocate the annual 150.000 population growth that would require otherwise, without the Metropolitan vision context, the impossible task of building a New Town every year to serve these formidable growth figures.

Kampala has the capacity, the means and the will to do it. Metro-Matrix is there to help and provide the framework.