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D4D Accra Propositive Analysis
  Accra Metro Matrix Metropolitan Urban Plan Map strategic
  Accra is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It has spilled over the original boundaries and the metropolitan structure engulfs 8 administrative units. Their policies are uncoordinated and inconsistent.
There is an urgency to conform to an institutional framework able to address the issue of the metropolitan metastasis. But the institutional framework is only the means to achieve a purpose. And that purpose has to be set in advance so as to produce the adequate institutional system. Without a determined purpose, the institutional debate is meaningless.
Accra has to generate a metropolitan structure. The metropolitan structure should be based on the mass public transport of the commuter train using the existing under used historic tracks. The centralities around the stations have to house social facilities and service provisions. The coordination of those centralities should articulate the metropolitan structure and determine the location of the road network and the environmental protection areas.