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O ADN da ilha São Luís
  Ilha Sao Luis metropolitan urban strategic Plan Metro Matrix sustainable equity
  Perched on the northern outskirts of Brazil’s Atlantic coast the ilha Sao Luis is both a harbor well protected from the open Ocean and as an island well isolated from the hazardous mainland. Train lines bring to the port the raw materials and heavy goods from inland to be exported to European and north American markets.

Some may think that Sao Luis has lived an indolent life under a tropical climate. Sao Luis is now incorporated to the globalized trends and has ambitious policies of improvement of urban and productive facilities to join without embarrassment the forefront policies of sustainable development.

Sao Luis has however to understand that the future is built on the inheritance of the past, your assets and your capacities. No competitive future is built giving your back to what you are. Sao Luis urban DNA owes to its hinterland to its isolated position, to its island condition, to its marshy coast. From the sub-continental scale to the urban one of the scene design, scales have to be integrated in a single consistent vision.