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Guwahati Moebius Infinitum
  Guwahati Assam India Metropolitan Urban strategic Metro Matrix Plan
  Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 brought about some strange results.

Partition on religious grounds created some unreasonable territorial phenomena.
First of all was the creation of a country with two parts 4.000 km away: East and West Pakistan. It could not stand. It didn’t. Bangladesh departed in 1971.
Second, the cornering of India’s province of Assam beyond Bangladesh connected to India’s mainland only by a narrow umbilical cord squeezed between Bangladesh and Bhutan.

The urban strategy of Assam, in addition to reinforce the narrow corridor that links to India and increase the economic liaisons to natural Dhaka, has to be the development of a strong urban centers interactive structure. Inherited rail system helps. Both river sides of the Brahmaputra are provided by rail tracks. Three connections across the river (Tezpur to be completed) allow for a continuous loop with Guwahati, the capital, in the center.

A Moebius Infinitum link would reinforce the development of a complementary urban system integrating both side of the Brahmaputra into a single productive system.