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Grande Cuvée Chateau-Bordeaux
  Bordeaux Aquitaine France Metropole Metropolitan Strategic Urban Metro-Matrix
  Bordeaux, although still in the 1.2 million range is one of the 600 metropolises of the world. With a very strong attraction point at the head of the only historic bridge (1821) that crosses the 600 meters wide Garonne, Bordeaux has a defined radial structure from that focus point.
Times have changed. Since 1965 4 bridges have been built. The socio economic activities have diversified. Other territories are taking charge of the future: The aerospace technologies in St. Medard, Health research in Pessac, Business on the TGV terminal, Innovation at the ‘rive droite’ and, to be, Food Research to the banks of the Médoc Wine county. The disregarded rail assets bound them all into a four-corner post success.
Beyond the conurbation Bordeaux has a Métropole. Not any more semi-orbital around the historical centrality. Not any more radial with the urban tram system. A reticular metropolis, with valuable roles for the different towns and centralities is crying out to be recognized and to bring the potential of a full-scale competitive world role-playing. French genius, a genius of synthesis, worthy heirs of Montesquieu and Descartes are about to discover it: A revolutionary shift of metropolitan “historique” paradigm.