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Mega Malacca supra-national metro-corridor
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  Singapore works very well. Singapore is often an example of success and good metropolitan planning and management. The secret?: It’s a Nation-Metropolis. That means that all government decisions (taxes, budget, investments, laws) can be taken in-house with the benefit of the metropolis in mind, instead of being bound to a nation-state that has other priorities in mind than the metropolis. Should this mean that metropolises would be better off if they were independent states?… Food for thought, but not a discussion to have now.

In any case it would be Singapore benefit to enlarge its economic hinterland. To have more room for production and increase world weight Singapore needs an economic hinterland as large as possible. Kuala Lumpur, only 300 km away can be a perfect partner to build up a coalition for world presence. The distance between both cities, in the Malaysia Peninsula can create a corridor of subsidiary cities that together would create an economic mass that will have a larger presence in the globalization challenge. USA East Coast with the 50 km city periodical structure could be a good example of a Mega Metropolitan corridor: Mega-Malacca Metro-Matrix.