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Piacenza: Milano’s Bishop (Alfieri) City
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  Regeneration in a Metro-Matrix context.

Piacenza is looking for a new future. In its traditional location in the road along the axis of the Italian peninsula and in the way of all the invasions from Europe, Piacenza has a heritage of Barracks that do not provide a future in the new geopolitical context. Historically an Alfieri (Bishop) in the military defense of Milan, Piacenza has to find a new role. Metro-Matrix (Metropolitan planning/decision-making/management methodology) approach suggests it becomes an Economic Alfieri in the national and international new context.

Excellent communications, high human resources, environmental (urban and natural) outstanding quality, among other assets suggest Piacenza develops a new international and national economic role in the context of its appurtenance to the Milan Metropolis. Assets, nodes, links and potentialities have to be understood to take forward the necessary urban actions and investments. Metro-Matrix provides for that.