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Guadalajara Metropolitan Vertebration
  Pedro B. Ortiz Guadalajara Mexico Metropolitan Urban Strategic Plan Metro Matrix
  Guadalajara is the second metropolis of Mexico after the Federal District. It has more than 4.5 million inhabitants and is growing at a rate of almost 3% in urban land terms. With a GDP of only 17.000 USD (Paris 85.000) has a lot of potential to integrate the world-class metropolises group, and boost its GDP. This will have a spin-off beneficial effect not only on Guadalajara’s hinterland, but in Mexico as a whole as well.

Guadalajara has a very clear and significant metropolitan structure but public policies are not addressing the needs nor presenting a consistent vision. Metastatic growth in a ever-expanding unstructured conurbation have to articulated in to a full-bodied polycentric metropolis.

Guadalajara has two main metropolitan axis and rail track assets that can become the backbone of the metropolitan skeleton. Typological TOD’s and metropolitan Centralities would provide the structuring elements of the urban metabolism. Polycentric UDE’s will do the rest. The whole on the background setting of a protected primal green infrastructure.