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Montenegro four-corner post
  pedro B. Ortiz Montenegro Podgorica Strategic Metro Matrix Metropolitan urban plan mental map
  Montenegro is a country of 600.000 inhabitants and circa 10.000 sq km (100x100): Half of New Hampshire, similar to Madrid. Less than half are Montenegrins. The rest are Serbs, Bosnians and Albanians.

The country on the Adriatic sea coast has a topographic structure parallel to the coast. The four main cities (Podgorica Capital, 200.000, and Nicsik second, 50.000) have a four-corner post structure reflecting the square like shape of the country. Bar and Tavit are the main ports mirroring the inland urban settings. Railroads reflect quite well the national structure.

Priorities are to build an inner backbone among the two main cites, collaborate and extend the urban productive structure with neighboring countries (Albania) and deepen development inland with a secondary transversal structure.