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Varosha war-abandoned ghost town
  Varosha Famagusta Cyprus Ghost town metro-matrix regeneration Greece Turkey
  Varosha population in 1974 was 39.000. Famagusta today is 50.000. It is hardly a metropolitan scale.

Distribution is nevertheless multi-centered (1 km apart) and that can provide for a metro-matrix approach. Public Transport does not reach a demand level for a rail mass provision. Buses (a BRT/LRT?) are the most likely transport provision required.

The road reticular structure, away from the urban centers, is not even required with a low traffic demand.
Nevertheless provision of rights of way can be introduced to provided for that Matrix approach when it will be required. Construction of one of those ‘strength lines’, probably the one parallel to the coast, west of Famagusta and Varosha historic centers could help to open up the access and link the ghost town to a larger territory involving a Greek-Turk integration.