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Inter-scalar Tehran: From Pairi-Daêza to World Metropolis
  Tehran metropolitan urban acupuncture chart strategic plan
  Azad University and Milano Politecnico come together to discuss about the future of Tehran as a world city. Challenges are huge.
Urban population is going to grow from 7.7 to 12.5 million people. The Metropolis even larger. Actual housing stock has to grow from 2.03 million to 5.7 million. That is 90.000 per year until 2021, and 72.000 per year later up to 2050. This would require 1 sqkm of serviced land every year if we want to achieve densities of 90 dwellings per hectare, that is 30.000 inhabitants per sqkm. Where to allocate 90.000 dwellings every year for the next 40 years?
If we do not want the car to take over Mass Public Transport has to be the answer. From actual 3 million cars, at a ratio of 4 cars every 10 inhabitants, we might expect to reach developed countries ratio of 7 out of 10. That will mean 9 million cars for a 12.5 million population. The cars will grow three-fold. A TOD (Transit Oriented Development) approach has to be put in place. 18 possible locations have to be analyzed, designed and implemented. 5,000 housing units each per year.
Tehran has a long past of intelligent urban planning. From the Persian reticular Paradise (Pairi-Daêza) to the most modern multipolar urban reticula Tehran has influenced architecture and planning from India to Spain. Why not built from this invaluable Iranian world heritage? The Metropolitan Metro-Matrix comes along as the natural development of the Iranian DNA. The Acupuncture Chart becomes the element to select strategic locations where action has to be undertaken to achieve a sound and equilibrated structure for the metropolis, capable to address adequately the quantitative challenges pointed out.
Tehran Metropolitan Proposal
  Tehran Metropolitan urban strategic plan metro matrix mental map
  Tehran is a fast growing metropolis. World Bank Data shows a 2.80 annual growth rate. Growth produced in spite a difficult economic and international situation. Future growth might be expected to be higher.
The City needs a Metropolitan vision to be able to address the sprawl risk. The invasion of high quality of the agricultural land of the valley under the pressures of development can be the result. A Metropolitan Plan needs to be designed and implemented. A Plan that will protect environmental valuable land and locate development in accessible and mass transit well served urban land.
Tehran Metropolitan Site Urban Design Guide
  Tehran Metropolitan Urban Acupuncture Design Guide
  Scales have to be related from 1:50, Architecture, to 1:50 million, the world.
When we deal with metropolitan and urban planning the most important scales to articulate are 1:50.000 (Metropolitan), 1:5.000 (Urban) and 1:500 (Urban design).
The way to articulate them is to establish a mechanism of interrelation that defines the aspects derived from the other scale that some scale has to address.

To do so we have the Design Guide mechanism. Design Guides establish the requirements of the Metropolitan scale upon the specific Site when the latter is relevant to metropolitan issues. Such is the Metropolitan Site Design Guide (MSDG).
- The MSDG defines the elements the Urban Design project has to address, the requirements, the 'Program' for the project established by the relevant Authority. Sometimes as a suggestion, other times as strong statements.
- The MSDG defines the requirements the site has to respond to and solve adequately. The quality of the result (and thus the evaluation in an Academic exercise) will depend on the way the final Design Proposal responds to one and each of those requirements. It will show the professional expertise of the Urban Design.

This document shows the case of Tehran Main Metropolitan node: the place where the urban and metropolitan structures articulate. There is an extreme relevance of Metropolitan functions to be carried out in this site. In this site is where the future functioning of the whole metropolitan structure is at stake, requiring a highly qualified response.
If this site does not reach standards the future of Tehran will be affected, and as part of the role of the Capital plays in the National economy Iran will be affected as well. Such is the responsibility of the professionals involved.