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Phoenix upside down. The conversion of the American nightmare
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  The problem with Phoenix is:

1) There are no 'Centralities': It is an ever-growing metastasis of urban continuum.
2) The urban centers are not (but for exceptions: Peoria, Avondale, Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek) close to rail accessibility. TOD Centralities should be created on strategic new rail stations. (See Map, though 16 km span is too far apart. The ideal would be between 5 and 10 km. apart)
3) The rail system can be extended to reach historic centralities and provide for new ones: Scottsdale, Apache Junction, etc, (In dotted black line in the map)
4) There is not a Green Infrastructure network. Just some isolated 'cerros' of difficult construction access. Green should be networked.
5) The urban continuum should be re-qualified with specific functionalities (see UDE/BUD structure) to provide for sense of place for every part of it. That requires urban scale design (1:5.000 versus 1:50.000 metropolitan) and a more detailed policy design.