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London Metro Matrix, Njord Greenwich
  London Metropolis Metro-Matrix strategic planning urban Plan
  London has a main directionality along the Thames Valley. Perpendicular affluents determine the transversal directionality. Structure well understood by the Romans.
The Thames meanders form a series of peninsulas along the main directionality that have been housing, since the Thrust-East planning policy of the 90's, high rank metropolitan functions: Canary Wharf, The Dome, City Airport. Jubilee Line came to serve this Eastbound Metropolitan Axis.
The whole London East Metropolitan Area towards Njord Sea (Njord: Viking God of the Sea) has a reticular structure formed by the two banks of the meandering river and the peninsulas. Nord-Sud axis are referred to the historical Thames crossings.
Ranked Centralities, from Metropolitan/National/International to Local and Nodal have to be defined and designed. The Milano Politecnico and Greenwich University workshop November 2014 does approach this issue east of Greenwich.
Here is the workshop inter-scalar dialogue between the large Metropolitan scale and the Urban Design one. The Metro Matrix produces particular solutions at Architectural scale, well integrated in a long term large scale strategy.