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Pemba’s harnessing growth in a regional context.
  Pemba urban metropolitan regional Cabo Delgado Mozambique metro-matrix
  Pemba is confronting an explosive period. The exploitation of the newly discovered very important gas fields is going to produce massive investments in logistics and technical support for the implementation period.

Investments are going to be on the range of 40 billion dollars from 2014 to 20424. If Cabo Delgado does right, 30% of those can stay in the area. If not others will provide the services and goods. Doing good means that Pemba and Cabo Delgado might have an increase of income in the range of 1.2 billions/year. As now the GDP is 1b.$, accounting for a multiplier effect if could mean an increase of 300% of the GDP.

But only 10 years! If Pemba and Cabo Delgado is not able to build up a productive economy from the benefits of the bonanza, they will revert to the actual 600 USD/Capita infra income in ten years time. Will Pemba be able?
Now Pemba is 200.000 inhabitants. A new million will be expected in the shadow of the gas rush. 1 m. Inhabitants mean 200.000 new homes that, at a high-density rate of 40 homes/Hectare, will occupy 45 km2. Pemba is to grow tenfold. And for that they need to start 500 m. USD…

Pemba has however a very healthy and sound urban structure that can grow into a metropolitan and regional one. Here is the way to do it. Expanding its DNA, a Nautilus DNA, the dream of Fibonacci.