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Maputo… on tracks
  Maputo Mozambique Strategic Metropolitan Plan Urban Development
  Maputo is growing by a 4% annual rate. That is 50% in ten years from 1997 to 2007. With an actual population now close to 2 million inhabitants we must plan for a 4 million population in a short time and a 8 million in the long term.

This urbanization process is consistent with the low urbanized rate of the country (30%) but a rapid economic development (Annual +7% GDP) from a low GDP per Capita (600 USD). A more equilibrate urbanization has to be achieved among the secondary urban areas of the country. Specially in an elongated country (2.750 km long) with an eccentric capital location (a port related to strategic maritime routes around Good Hope Cape)

Meanwhile Maputo has to be prepared to house such large growth. Orbital Radial system cannot adequately respond. However Chinese eagerness to provide finance and build road infrastructures is not enough to provide for that sustainable future. A rational long-term vision must be provided and short term/sight infrastructure can harm, rather that benefit the metropolitan and national development.

Rail commuter is to be praised compared to many other African capitals. Frequency can be improved to build up a transit oriented development metropolis. Centralities have to be established in coordination with Land Use policies and management capacity: Economic activities, Social facilities and Housing density essential part of those centralities. We will have then Maputo… on tracks.