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MARYLOOP: Washington DC/Maryland Metro-Matrix Metroloop Snapshot
  Washington DC Baltimore Maryland Maryloop Metro Matrix Metropolitan Plan
  Snapshots are quick Metro-Matrix approaches to specific urban areas or metropolises. They are an introductory analysis that will require much more research both to contrast the hypothesis and to define a more precise proposal regarding layout of matrix lines, location of centralities and other infrastructures as rail tracks intermodal stations, etc.

Since the 1785 Jefferson American Grid most of American urban development is established by this reticular system. Colonial America nevertheless followed a more organic approach as a natural settlement process on the East Coast. The linear location of the main centers (Boston, New York, Trenton, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC) of the huge conurbation determines the dominant directionality of an almost perfect straight NE-SW diagonal line.

The increase of traffic and the need to multiply transport infrastructures has created a parallel system of highways and rail-tracks to that main directionality. The Atlantic Cost and the Appalachians parallel lines create the secondary transversal directionality. Both form the natural reticula. Waterways nevertheless, run across the natural reticula in a north/south direction.

The existing rail tracks from Baltimore to Frederick and back to DC create the potential loop for a commuter train system that will allow for the TOD location of the expected new settlers in the area the next 20 years: 1 million? Future extensions of the rail system as well as the reticular road system will allow for a sustainable development of 30.000 inhabitants TOD centralities away from the family house extensive urban sprawl.