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Canberra Metro-Matrix Snapshot
  Pedro B. Ortiz Canberra Metropolitan Urban Metro Matrix Strategic Plan
  Snapshots are quick Metro-Matrix approaches to specific cities or metropolises. They are an introductory analysis that will require much more research both to contrast the hypothesis and to define a more precise proposal regarding layout of matrix lines, location of centralities and other infrastructures as rail tracks intermodal stations, etc.

Canberra, at the eastern point of the Australian Alps range is determined, as Melbourne at the western tip, the east west (Melbourne-Sidney) main directionality of the range and the north-south valleys produced at the end of the range. At a closer scale the north-south directionality of the slopes of the range down to Lake George becomes the dominant one.

The north south access road to the national Melbourne access and the perpendicular rail-tracks to Sidney form the two directionalities of Canberra. Existing centralities along this structure as well as location of potential fostered ones have to be more precisely studied beyond the snapshot exercise.