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Liberia Metro Matrix National structure
  Liberia Strategic National Plan Metro Matrix structure
  Liberia is a small country, just 4 million inhabitants, with limited resources and a shrunk GDP (400 USD/capita) as result of a terrible civil conflict.

The structure of the country is very clear: A rectangular shape with a linear cost along the longer side with the rivers perpendicular to it penetrating deep into the territory. The main infrastructures running along the coast and the secondary ones along the river basins need to be completed with transversal ones (along the inland border and half way to the coast) to complete the national network.

The connection of the two rail systems, disconnected to now as only to the service of the extractive activities, would have a multiplier effect:
- It would create a national system, providing passenger as well as freight service.
- It will connect all the main intermodal infrastructures of the country (Monrovia + Buchanan ports and the Airport)
- It will vertebrate and articulate the Metropolis of Monrovia completing the north branch of the Blue Loop.

The challenge is not to understand and assume this national structure. The difficulty is the Social and Economic context. To the lack of financial resources and a stagnating economy we must add the scarce human and social resources to implement them.