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Academia analysis of metropolitan phenomena and planning methods.
  Los Angeles Metro Matrix Metropolitan rail tracks assets
  Academia, University scientific research, does analyze natural phenomena to extract recurrent behavioral laws and provide the basis for reliable action. In the case of Territorial Development research includes human and social behavior, urban development, planning and management shaping human artificial environment.

The Regional Studies Association Conference, in collaboration with UCLA, presented advanced research using both social and physical sciences’ approaches. Other presentations focused in specific phenomena deserving academic research.

Such is the case of the Metro Matrix phenomenon. Metro-Matrix is a modern approach to manage metropolitan development being applied and proposed by the World Bank to harness the explosive growth of many developing metropolises around the world. As a new method of metropolitan development, part of the Academic Curriculum of Milano Politecnico, it is open to performance analysis and discussion for scholars in advanced research institutes.

This is the presentation made at the Conference: an invitation for research on the new approach made to scholars on metropolitan phenomena, as well as professors teaching planning methods to future professionals and practitioners.