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131212 Transport to lead urban development in Africa
  Dakar Senegal Metro Matrix Propositive Metropolitan Strategic Strucuture
  (Presentation at the annual 2013 SSATP -Sub Saharan Africa Transport Program- Congress: Dakar 131212)

Africa is replicating urban management procedures from developed countries where 99% of urban development is formal and controlled. In 80% informal frameworks these procedures and planning instruments are ineffective. They can not be enforced. As result African urban management is ineffective and administrations unable to respond to the explosive growth (100% in 14 years) African metropolises are experiencing. The outcome is a world of uncontrolled urban growth: a world of slums.

As urban management is unable to direct growth to the right places, transport must take the lead and provide a service-driven incentive to the convenient locations. In Africa, more important than in other places, transport should not only SERVE demand, it should GENERATE demand. This was presented as one of the main conclusions to the 2013 SSATP Congress. This presentation fostered the debate and the conclusions.

As an example of the many places where Mass Public Transit of a metropolitan scale (Rail Commuter) is desirable (beyond 3 million population cities), and possible (historic rail tracks right-of-way assets), the presentation shows the Metro-Matrix straight forward application to the many African Metropolises object of D4D Propositive Analyses: Nairobi, Accra, Dar es Salaam, Mombasa, Monrovia, Kigali, Kampala, etc.

It ends up with a draft Metro-Matrix proposal for the host metropolis: Dakar